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WACensus Taxon Name Updates for Max Species Database Helper, version 3

As part of DBCA system modernisation work, our WACensus database and associated Max Species Database Helper application are scheduled for decommissioning. Work is progressing on replacement applications and data paths. While we complete this migration, WACensus taxon name updates compatible with the Max application will be provided here on a 1–3 monthly basis.

During the phase-out, we will supplement the Max-specific Microsoft Access-based database files with equivalent CSV files containing the same data. These will coexist for as long as possible, allowing clients time to transition to the new file formats.

Once WACensus and Max are retired, we will discontinue support for the Access-based database files, leaving only the CSV equivalents. Rest assured, these CSV files will be generated from the new applications, and we will strive to keep them as consistent as possible during this transition.

As of Wednesday, 22 May 2024, we no longer accept registrations for the Max software. Registered Max users can continue to download and use the Census updates, but the application is no longer available for download. Registered users may request a copy of the application using the contact form in the menu.


Last updated: Thursday, 6 June 2024

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