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Data provider tips

  • Publish responsibly: Take care to publish data safely. Be mindful of privacy, copyright, intellectual property, commercial-in-confidence, and security issues that may relate to your data. Clean fields to remove phone numbers and email addresses that you may not want to share. If you’re not sure about whether you should redact information or whether you’re allowed to submit data, don’t submit it - talk to us first!
  • Understand how submission works: Read our Preparing your data for submission section and make sure you’ve reviewed the submission requirements for an easy submission experience. 
  • Describe your data well: Provide meaningful metadata, and map as many optional fields as possible to enhance the usability of your data. If there’s anything that you’d like to highlight about your data, you can use the comments field during submission to tell us more.
  • Keep your data up to date: If you want to submit a dataset that’s routinely refreshed, contact us about setting up a refresh process.

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