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Downloading the data

Click on the ‘Export’ button after searching to download the results of your search in .csv or Shapefile format.

Unlike table view, exports contain every standard field in the Dandjoo database - see Data standards for a full list of available fields.

Dandjoo Data export

Note that not every data provider will have uploaded values for each optional field.  However, every record should contain species names (accepted and recorded), an observation date, and latitude and longitude. Optional fields may be blank where a submitter has not collected or provided them.

Exports are limited to 500,000 records to maintain site performance. However, if you’re interested in downloading more, you can visit our Download Centre to retrieve the most recent snapshot of the Dandjoo species observation database, as well as s snapshot of our vegetation association layer.

If you’re interested in a particular dataset and would like to see all the fields originally submitted - not just the standard Darwin Core fields - contact the BIO team to arrange an extract.

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